204H-1 Makin Power

This beautiful 2.5 kW amplifier was designed by Collins in the early 60s to provide a higher power amplifier for the KWT-6/URC-32 SSB transmitter/Receivers. The salient specification for this linear amplifier is that it makes 2.5 kW output with less than 200 mW input key down, 24/7. Now that is an amplifier. It was intended for long term key down TTY operation and it will sit there at 3 kW carrier and not even heat up the cooling air. Leave the ALC/TGC lines disconnected and it will roar right up to 5 kW PEP. This example is one of the few H-1 models that is still completely functional in auto-tune mode. Once you see one operate, and once you hear the doors open and close, you will want one.