32S-3 75S-3C – Winged

Infamous S-Line duo, the ubiquitous 32S-3 100 watt ssb all band 2-30 mHz transmitter is collocated with its matching 75S-3C winged emblem receiver.  This operation position, in almost constant use almost 50 years after it was manufactured, features the extended frequency selection capability of the 75S-3C – and the well know quality and reliability of the S-Line. The S-Line was introduced in late 1959 (See related Signal Magazine articles on the introduction of the S-Line) and was in constant production well into the late 70s. This operating position also features a Collins Radio 30L-1 table “Kilowatt” amplifier (left) which is capable of about 600 watts output across the HF bands. The 312B-4 is in operation. The 312B-5 is for display only here.