32S-2 & 75S-2 Driver for 204H-1 K0CXX

Following the introduction of the 32S-1 100 watt ssb/cw transmitter and the 75S-1 ssb/cw receiver in 1959, Collins received requests for similar units that would conveniently operate outside the regular amateur bands. Their solution was the 32S-2 and 75S-2. Now, these numbers may look like different model numbers, but these units were just stock S-Line 32S-1 and 75S-1s that were manufactured on the production line with additional band crystal positions. While the S-2 Line made it out of the factory with its new S-2 model number, Art Collins, in his inimitable way, said “No more of that, because this is not a big enough change to justify a new model number”. Shortly thereafter, the 32S-3 and 75S-3 were designed and came into production, and their extended crystal switching capability versions were numbered with the 32S-3A and 75S-3A designation.  Because of the short time of production before the S-3 line came out, and the relative rarity of the extended crystal position models in general, there were very few S-2 units manufactured.  Surviving fine condition examples are rare. This pair is the feature driver pair for the very rare 204H-1 2.5 kW Servo Tuned (auto) 2-30 mHz Amplifier that is located in the same SSB display area. Together the 3 units represent one of the more rare and eclectic SSB stations in existence. More about the 204H-1 can be found on this website.