Transformer Rewind Service

We rewind almost all types of transformers including open frame and potted or sealed mil styles. This includes S-Line and A-Line as well as military and broadcast applications. We run a commercial business for industry & transformers are our specialty. Attention is paid to originality and labeling. See our website at:

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Highly recommended by the CCA.
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Or call: 1-207-942-5745 (PLEASE NOTE TIMES)
Between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, EST
Leave a message on the answering machine if we can’t answer.
If no message was left, I move on to the next message and may not be able to get back to you.

Contact Gary, (Mail)
PO BOX 175

NOTE: Packages should be shipped UPS or FedEx to:

Peter Wittenberg, K2LRC

We repair and recondition S-line gear and have an extensive Lab with HP / Tektronix and Fluke test gear to provide repairs. We provide professional test data on every unit that goes through my lab. You can see this on my web site. I also sell some S-line gear that I may have from time to time.

We can occasionally have S-line Cabinets and the associated trim rings repaired (holes, etc.). and professionally repainted with the original colors.
Phone: 443-994-1438

Web Site:
Contact Email:
PENRYN, CA 95663
OFFICE: 916-663-9744
CELL: 443-449-1438

International Crystal Manufacturing Co.

Made-to-order crystals for Collins equipment. Give radio model number and/or Collins part number when calling as they are not listed in catalog. ICM will make band crystals as well as upper and lower sideband and calibrator crystals. VISA/MasterCard/AMEX

P. O. Box 1768
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-1768
Phone: (800) 725-1426
Fax: (800) 322-9426
Web Site:
Contact Email:

Nationwide Radio & Eq. Sales LLC

Mark Olson, KE9PQ

Collins mechanical filters for the 75A-4. Available bandwidths: 6khz and 10 khz AM, 2.5 khz SSB and 500hz CW. $195.95 each plus $7.00 shipping. ($15.00 international). Pictures and more info is available on my web site.

1490 Norfield Road
Suamico, Wisconsin 54173
Phone: (920) 434-8097
Web Site:
Contact Email:

Chuck Rippel, WA4HHG

Repair and restoration of 75A-3, 75A-4, KWS-1 and 32-V series. Please call first to arrange to send your radio or cabinet.

2341 Herring Ditch Road
Chesapeake, Virginia 23323
Phone: (757) 485-9660
Contact Email: 

Howard Mills

Howard Mills, W3HM
Repair and restoration of A-Line equipment including J-series and 32V series.

570 Acorn Circle
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Phone: (304) 876-6483
Contact Email: