Transformer Rewind Service

We rewind almost all types of transformers including open frame and potted or sealed mil styles. This includes S-Line and A-Line as well as military and broadcast applications. We run a commercial business for industry & transformers are our specialty. Attention is paid to originality and labeling. See our website at:

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Highly recommended by the CCA.
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Or call: 1-207-942-5745 (PLEASE NOTE TIMES)
Between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, EST
Leave a message on the answering machine if we can’t answer.
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Contact Gary, (Mail)
PO BOX 175

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The Radio Works, Inc.

Antenna systems, parts and accessories, custom made cables. Free 96 page catalog. Jim Thompson, W4THU. VISA/MASTERCARD

P. O. Box 6159
Portsmouth, Virginia 23703
Phone: (800) 280-8327
Fax: (757) 483-1873
Web Site:
Contact Email:

Surplus Sales of Nebraska

SSoN can provide Collins spray paints and many original NOS Collins replacement parts. Also available are connectors, surplus parts and components. SSoN also has many original Collins artwork manuals obtained from Collins Radio and can provide very authentic copies of original manuals for Collins equipment. A Catalog is available for $5.00, refundable on first order.  VISA/MasterCard/AMEX

1502 Jones Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Phone: (402) 346-4750
Fax: (402) 346-2939
Web Site:
Contact Email:

Pipo Communications

Joe , WB6BJM
KWM-380 keypad and mounting frame.

1516 Cassil Place
Hollywood, California 90028-7106
Phone: (323) 466-5444
Fax: (323) 466-1520
Contact Email:

International Crystal Manufacturing Co.

Made-to-order crystals for Collins equipment. Give radio model number and/or Collins part number when calling as they are not listed in catalog. ICM will make band crystals as well as upper and lower sideband and calibrator crystals. VISA/MasterCard/AMEX

P. O. Box 1768
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-1768
Phone: (800) 725-1426
Fax: (800) 322-9426
Web Site:
Contact Email:

Fair Radio Sales

Legendary dealer in surplus equipment and parts. Occasional Collins equipment. Many R-390 and R-390A parts and misc. test gear. Free annual catalog with semi-annual update. VISA/MASTERCARD

P. O. Box 1105
Lima, Ohio 45802
Phone: (419) 223-2196
Fax: (419) 227-1313
Web Site:
Contact Email:

Electric Radio Magazine

ER is a monthly magazine that is devoted to vintage radio. ER is a source for the “Collins Compendiums” which are 3-ring-bound reprints of all technical service bulletins for the S-Line, KWS-1 and 75A-4 (three volumes). ER also stocks several books and videos about Collins equipment. An ER Magazine subscription is $34 per year in US ($45 first class mail) See their website at . The current Editor is Ray Osterwald, N0DMS.

PO Box 242
Bailey, Colorado 80421-0242
Phone: 720-924-0171
Fax: email for fax instruction
Contact Email:


Bartlett Instrument Company

Original equipment supplier to Collins Radio Company for panel meters for S-Line equipment. Complete meters and parts available as well as rebuilding service. Free catalog specify Collins data sheets.

14th Street and Avenue M
Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
Phone: (319) 372-8366
Fax: (319) 372-5560

Antique Electronics Supply

Full line supplier of electronic components for vintage equipment, books, tubes, parts and US dealer for Hammond Transformers and Svetlana electron tubes. Free catalog,periodic flyers. VISA/MaserCard/AMEX/Discover

P. O. Box 27468
Tempe, Arizona 85285-7468
Phone: (602) 820-5411
Fax: (800) 706-6789

Web Site:

HI-RES Communications, Inc.

Floyd Soo, W8RO
Repair and maintenance videos and CDs for popular Collins radio equipment. Hi-Res also sells the PDC-1 peak reading wattmeter kit which converts ANY average reading wattmeter, including the 312B-X series, to a true PEP reading instrument for less than $30. VISA/MASTERCARD accepted.

8232 Woodview Drive
Clarkston, Michigan 48348-4058
Phone:             (248) 431-7769
Fax:               (248) 391-6660
Web Site:
Contact Email:


Harbach Electronics, LLC

Suppliers of Peter Dahl Transformers and new requirement Transformers as well as Parts and upgrade kits for the Collins 30L-1 amplifier and 516F-2 Power supply.

468 County Road 620
Polk, OH 44866-9711
Phone (419) 945-2359
Fax (419) 945-2359
Emails: &

R. F. Connection

Supplier of RF cables and cables in general to your specification as well as RF connectors and other supplies such as 11 Pin male and female power connectors for the S-Line equipment. They can supply 516F-2 extension cables.

The R. F. Connection
213 N. Frederick Ave, Suite 11-W
Gathersburg, MD 20877, USA
Web Address:

Tech Support (301) 840-5477
Orders (800) 783-2666
24 hour Fax (301) 869-3680