International Crystal Manufacturing Co.

Made-to-order crystals for Collins equipment. Give radio model number and/or Collins part number when calling as they are not listed in catalog. ICM will make band crystals as well as upper and lower sideband and calibrator crystals. VISA/MasterCard/AMEX

P. O. Box 1768
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-1768
Phone: (800) 725-1426
Fax: (800) 322-9426
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Electric Radio Magazine

ER is a monthly magazine that is devoted to vintage radio. ER is a source for the “Collins Compendiums” which are 3-ring-bound reprints of all technical service bulletins for the S-Line, KWS-1 and 75A-4 (three volumes). ER also stocks several books and videos about Collins equipment. An ER Magazine subscription is $34 per year in US ($45 first class mail) See their website at . The current Editor is Ray Osterwald, N0DMS.

PO Box 242
Bailey, Colorado 80421-0242
Phone: 720-924-0171
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HI-RES Communications, Inc.

Floyd Soo, W8RO
Repair and maintenance videos and CDs for popular Collins radio equipment. Hi-Res also sells the PDC-1 peak reading wattmeter kit which converts ANY average reading wattmeter, including the 312B-X series, to a true PEP reading instrument for less than $30. VISA/MASTERCARD accepted.

8232 Woodview Drive
Clarkston, Michigan 48348-4058
Phone:             (248) 431-7769
Fax:               (248) 391-6660
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Nationwide Radio & Eq. Sales LLC

Mark Olson, KE9PQ

Collins mechanical filters for the 75A-4. Available bandwidths: 6khz and 10 khz AM, 2.5 khz SSB and 500hz CW. $195.95 each plus $7.00 shipping. ($15.00 international). Pictures and more info is available on my web site.

1490 Norfield Road
Suamico, Wisconsin 54173
Phone: (920) 434-8097
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