Transformer Rewind Service

We rewind almost all types of transformers including open frame and potted or sealed mil styles. This includes S-Line and A-Line as well as military and broadcast applications. We run a commercial business for industry & transformers are our specialty. Attention is paid to originality and labeling. See our website at:

For Collins Related Pricing:

Highly recommended by the CCA.
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Or call: 1-207-942-5745 (PLEASE NOTE TIMES)
Between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, EST
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Contact Gary, (Mail)
PO BOX 175

NOTE: Packages should be shipped UPS or FedEx to:

Robert Crawford, K8VFV

S-Line crystals – $5 each, Original 4′ Switchcraft made for Collins audio patch cables – $10 each, Weighted knob installation hardware bolts & threaded inserts – $1/set of three, 30S-1 feet $1.50 each and spacers – $1 each. All above + shipping.

8373 Eagle Road
Davisburg, Michigan 48350-2807
Phone: (248) 634-9045
Contact Email:

Bob Struk, KX6K

Expert repair and alignment of KWM-380 and HF-380 radios and carry a full stock of original Collins Radio parts. Whether it is repairs, rebuilds, upgrades or modifications required, my objective is to make these fine pieces of equipment perform as though factory fresh.

Also your source for the western USA area for S-Line repairs, including the KWM-2 /2A, 51S-1, and the 30L-1 amplifier. We also have experience with A-Line and the 651S-1 so call for estimates and availability.

1726 Kinglet Ct.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone:             408-725-8912
Contact Email: Bob Struk (

Fair Radio Sales

Legendary dealer in surplus equipment and parts. Occasional Collins equipment. Many R-390 and R-390A parts and misc. test gear. Free annual catalog with semi-annual update. VISA/MASTERCARD

P. O. Box 1105
Lima, Ohio 45802
Phone: (419) 223-2196
Fax: (419) 227-1313
Web Site:
Contact Email:

R. F. Connection

Supplier of RF cables and cables in general to your specification as well as RF connectors and other supplies such as 11 Pin male and female power connectors for the S-Line equipment. They can supply 516F-2 extension cables.

The R. F. Connection
213 N. Frederick Ave, Suite 11-W
Gathersburg, MD 20877, USA
Web Address:

Tech Support (301) 840-5477
Orders (800) 783-2666
24 hour Fax (301) 869-3680