Transformer Rewind Service

We rewind almost all types of transformers including open frame and potted or sealed mil styles. This includes S-Line and A-Line as well as military and broadcast applications. We run a commercial business for industry & transformers are our specialty. Attention is paid to originality and labeling. See our website at:

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Highly recommended by the CCA.
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Or call: 1-207-942-5745 (PLEASE NOTE TIMES)
Between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, EST
Leave a message on the answering machine if we can’t answer.
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Contact Gary, (Mail)
PO BOX 175

NOTE: Packages should be shipped UPS or FedEx to:

Exline Signal LLC

Exline Signal LLC
Jim Warner WA9Z


OEM Kiron memory units.
OEM Kiron Remote interface kits.
Programming service for all series, pre-WARC, WARC, HF-380 and custom programming. Troubleshooting and repair.

Repair and updates of HF/KWM-380 series and S-Line.
Commercial production service shop fully equipped to repair and recondition vintage tube to
complex current production SMD technologies with fast turnaround times. Many OEM parts in stock.
Be sure to ask for the CCA Member discount.

27719 269th Ave
Exline IA 52555
Phone: (641)856-7772
FAX: none
Contact email:

Precision Collins Services

Steve Berman, N6HK
Service, repair and alignment of S/Line series transmitters, receivers and KWM-2/2A equipment. Please e-mail or call before shipping radio.

Precision Collins Services
3171 Burning Tree Ct.
Pahrump NV 89048
Telephone:  661-557-0014
Contact Email:

Peter Wittenberg, K2LRC

We repair and recondition S-line gear and have an extensive Lab with HP / Tektronix and Fluke test gear to provide repairs. We provide professional test data on every unit that goes through my lab. You can see this on my web site. I also sell some S-line gear that I may have from time to time.

We can occasionally have S-line Cabinets and the associated trim rings repaired (holes, etc.). and professionally repainted with the original colors.
Phone: 443-994-1438

Web Site:
Contact Email:
PENRYN, CA 95663
OFFICE: 916-663-9744
CELL: 443-449-1438

Charles Talbott, K3ICH

Specialize in 51S-1 repair and restoration. Can supply spun aluminum knob inlays for S-Line equipment. (Small- exciter/PA tuning, $1 ea.  30L-1 Inlay, $2 ea. Main tuning knob and 30S-1, $3 ea.) (specify plain or spinner).  Dial Drum dial overlays for 75A-2 and 75A-3 receivers, $8.50 ea., postpaid. Also, DAKAWARE knobs that are used on bottom row of controls on the older Collins St. James Gray radios such as the 75A-1,2,3,4, 32V, and 51J series. Call for availability.

13192 Pinnacle Lane
Leesburg, Virginia 20176-6146
Phone: (540) 822-5643
Contact Email:

Bob Struk, KX6K

Expert repair and alignment of KWM-380 and HF-380 radios and carry a full stock of original Collins Radio parts. Whether it is repairs, rebuilds, upgrades or modifications required, my objective is to make these fine pieces of equipment perform as though factory fresh.

Also your source for the western USA area for S-Line repairs, including the KWM-2 /2A, 51S-1, and the 30L-1 amplifier. We also have experience with A-Line and the 651S-1 so call for estimates and availability.

1726 Kinglet Ct.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone:             408-725-8912
Contact Email: Bob Struk (