150 Series Transmitter



The 150BW was the first Collins product to ever appear in a Collins QST ad (May 1932) containing a photograph.

During this period, home-brew transmitters constructed on breadboards were common in hamshacks across the country. The fully enclosed, rack-mounted, professionally appearing 150 series with engraved panels was a dramatic contrast with the breadboard and had instant appeal to the ham who could afford one.

The type 150A/B transmitters were built up from the basic 30W exciter.

The 150A was the CW only model and rated at 150 watts through the addition of a 3A power amplifier and 1200B power supply to the basic 30W exciter.

The 150B used the same components as the 150A but added the 30B Modulator. This was a class B modulator rated at 100-200 watts of audio output. It used two 245’s or 250’s driving a push-pull pair of 503’s. Two modulation transformers were available with different impedances for use with single-ended or push-pull class C RF amplifiers.

The 150A was priced at $290.00, while the 150B was $350.00. One set of coils was included in the price.

The 150A and 150B replaced the earlier 150W and 150BW models.

Later models of the 150 used a new RF deck, which was eventually used in the 30FXC in 1936. The last of the 150 series was the C model, which appeared in 1935.