30FX Transmitter

Introduced in December 1934, the 30FX was a 100 watt cw/40 watt phone desktop transmitter covering the frequency range from 1500 to 15,000 kHz. Crystal controlled, it used plug-in coils to cover the desired band.

Heavily promoted in 1935, it was described as:


“The ideal 1935 amateur transmitter — it is simple to adjust — its cost is low and its performance is guaranteed. Here is a transmitter (final amplifier 211 tridode) capable of putting into your antenna a full 100 watts of CW power, or a phone carrier of 40 watts — one fourth the peak power at 100% modulation. The highly efficient COLLINS control-grid system of modulation assures perfect speech transmission without fuss or waste of power.”

For phone operation, the standard 30FX required the optional 7X speech amplifier unit.

The unit measured 27.5″H x 19″W x 10.25″D.

Below: The 30FX with its companion 7X high fidelity speech amplifier (left), and 14C remote control box on the right. The microphone is a “CD-104”.