30FXB Transmitter

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Introduced to the world in some of the last black and white ads that Collins would run as they matured, the 30FXB was first promoted in the 3 B&W ads shown below. Following the start of production mid-1934, Collins started promoting this transmitter in some of their first full color ads. The 30FXB was a floor-standing, 100 watt phone and cw transmitter that, more than likely, was designed to replace the “aging” 150 series. The November ’34 QST ad stated:

“Its ultramodern dress will lend an air of distinction to anybody’s library. Yet its beauty is entirely functional. Every detail is neat and graceful because it is designed for efficiency. Years of engineering experience and gift for design enter into its construction.”

The 30FXB was rated at 100 watts output over the range of 1500 to 15,000 kHz. The unit was crystal controlled, employed the 10J exciter and used a 203A in the final, modulated by a pair of 830Bs. Fixed neutralization was used initially but capacitor variable neutralization was introduced during production.

In addition to the 10J exciter, the transmitter employed the 9H Modulator, 7C Speech Amplifier and the 2C Antenna Coupler. Some later 30FXB models employed the 10K exciter with the dual 47 oscillator configuration.

Collins targeted both the commercial and ham markets with this unit and made several known variants including the 30FXB Special “Boat Model” shown at the bottom below. This variant used the 10K.

The 30FXB was promoted last in the April, 1936 QST so production ran at least well into 1936.

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First 30FXB Black & White Ads – 1934

QST, June of 1934

QST, July of 1934 – Apparently Collins was pretty happy with their first sales!

QST, September of 1934


The introduction of the 30FXB in 1934 coincided with the growth of Collins Radio to the point that they could justify color advertising and a more predominant position in the magazines that they ran in.

In 1935, Collins Radio started running their ads in full color and the orange motif that we still see today in the current Rockwell Collins advertisements became the standard – and a point of recognition for Collins Radio.

Below are shown the remaining QST ads that ran out through 1936 promoting this wonderful transmitter.

They are presented in high resolution so that you can download these for framing if you wish. Our thanks go to Gary Halverson, K6GLH, for his scanning and restorations work, as well as his permission for us all to use these. These are for use in the private domain only.

QST, November of 1934

QST, January of 1935

QST, March of 1935

QST, August of 1935

QST, April of 1936

During the production of the 30FXB, many customer special version of this transmitter were developed, sometimes just for one customer. Below are shown two views of the 30FXB Boat Transmitter developed for the Delaware Canal Company. (Photos compliments of Ben Stearns, author of Arthur Collins Radio Wizard)

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