30FXR Transmitter


The 30FXR is basically a “reduced” version of the 30FXC. From the 7-36 Collins QST ad:

“The 30FXR Transmitter is now offered to amateurs who would purchase the 30FXC but who wish to reduce their initial investment. The radio frequency section, modulator, meter panel, control panel, and cabinet are identical in both sets.

The power supply is also identical with the expection that a smaller plate transformer is used reducing the output power rating to 100 watts.

The “L” section antenna matching network is omitted but arrangements are made so that a matched transmission line may be used without a network.

The ‘FXR Transmitter can at any time be converted to a standard “FXC. The performance of the ‘FXR is identical to that of the ‘FXC except for reduced output. It will find extensive application where all the facilities of the complete model are not needed.”

A later variation of the 30FXR used a simplified radio frequency section, the 10Z, that deleted the mulitplier switches on the front panel.