32F Transmitter


It’s uncertain whether the 32F was ever in production. There are currently only 3 or 4 specimens known to exist, although it is believed 25 were produced. While it was never advertised in QST, it appears to be late 1934/early ’35 (a surviving schematic is dated 2-35).

The 32F used a 47 crystal oscillator into an 841 buffer amp, driving a pair of 841’s and probably ran about 25-30 watts on phone and cw. For phone operation, a pair of 46’s operated Class B modulated the 841’s. The speech amp, modulator, and power supply were constructed on a common chassis.

The 32F may have been intended as the replacement for the aging 32B, however, the 32G (designed around the new less expensive 6L6) may have won out.

The unit measured 16″H (without the antenna tuner) x 19″W x 10.25″D.