The Grey Boxes

The Collins S Line

The Collins S-Line was perhaps the most successful amateur product line in history, spanning over two decades.

The S-Line replaced the A-Line Golddust Twins (the 75A-4/ KWS-1) in 1958 with the introduction of the 75S-1 and 32S-1. Inspired by his Leica camera, Art Collins wanted the S-Line front panel backgrounds to have a leather-like finish. The visually pleasing aesthetics combined with a simplified control layout and a sloping cabinet design made the S-Line very comfortable to use and helped to make it an instant success.

Collins equipment.
You’re ready for it now.

It was natural to compromise on equipment at first. Gradually your station improved. But, you’re still dissatisfied. You’ve spent frustrating years with a series of rigs.
Even if it costs more, you’re thinking about a station that offers truly dependable performance, more enjoyment,
fewer headaches.
Now is the time to talk it over with your Collins distributor. You’re ready for the S/Line or the KWM-2A.

Why Purchase Collins
Amateur Equipment?*

  • Collins offer the only 1 year warranty in the amateur field.
  • All units are “burned in” 12 hours, then tested and calibrated.
  • Every transmitter receives complete distortion measurements to ensure that intermodulation distortion is at least 30 dB down.
  • Each unit is subjected to vibration an shock during transmit and receive.
  • All signal specifications are quoted in “hard” microvolts, i.e., signal level across 50 ohms, which is 6 dB less than “soft” microvolts.
  • Extensive use of highest quality MIL SPEC components.
  • All equipment is hand wired using teflon coated wire.
  • Exceptional reliability through proven, conservatively-rated design.
  • Dedicated factory and distributor product support after the sale.
  • Future product modification data furnished each owner free of charge through production life of equipment.
  • Sound investment that offers excellent resale value.

*From 1977 insert in Collins
Amateur Equipment brochure