Collins Microphones

The Collins microphone line were custom OEM versions of standard Turner microphones (Turner was also located in Cedar Rapids). A Collins part number tag, cable and connector, base, and Collins-specified paint separated these mics from their standard Turner cousins.


Collins SM-1 is a high impedance, nonmetallic dynamic mike with a frequency response from 100-3500 cycles per second. It has an output level of -53 db.

Finished in brushed satin chrome, this compact microphone is equipped with a rubber isolated stand and a five-foot length of Koiled Kord. Like the SM-2, it can be adjusted for various operating positions.


Collins SM-2/-3 is a slender, gray and chrome desk-top unit which blends perfectly with Collins’ other station equipment. The SM-2 is omni-directional and provides excellent transmission for the amateur operator. The frequency response of the SM-2, 200-3,000 cycles, matches that of the S/Line and KWM-2. The SM-2 has an output level of -53 db and is equipped with a five-foot length of Koiled Kord and plug. It is mounted on a rubber isolated stand. A swivel permits a 60ø swing for position adjustment. The SM-3 is identical to the SM-2 except for the addition of an integrated PTT button.


The Collins MM-1 is a pressure-operated dynamic microphone designed to fit your hand comfortably. This mike is engineered for maximum voice response, and its die-cast case is finished in brushed satin chrome. With its mounting button on the front, the MM-1 slips easily into a dashboard bracket supplied with the mike. When the MM-1 is removed from the dashboard bracket, the microphone is in position for instant transmission. A five-foot length of Koiled Kord with mike plug is supplied with the 22-ounce microphone. The MM-1 has a frequency response from 200-10,000 cycles per second and has an output level of -48 db.


The Collins MM-2 includes a high impedance reluctance microphone and single earphone which can be used in either a fixed station installation or with a mobile unit. The MM-2 has a frequency response from 100-7,000 cycles per second and an output level of -50 db. In mobile use, the earpiece and microphone unit permit the driver to operate his car with both hands while carrying out radio voice communication. Although it weighs only 3-1/2 ounces, the Collins MM-2 is built to withstand the strenuous demands of daily mobile operation. Its microphone boom has a 360ø adjustment making it possible to angle the mike to the best pickup position. The MM-2 Microphone has a magnetic stray field shield to exclude unwanted noises. For optimum reception of signals, an adjustable tone arm in the MM-2 pipes sound directly into the operator’s right or left ear, but does not cover the ear as conventional earphones do. The MM-2 is equipped with both mike and phone plugs.