KWM-1 Accessories


The following accessories were produced exclusively for the KWM-1. Also see A-Line Accessories.

516F-1 AC POWER SUPPLY provides the B+, bias and filament voltages for the KWM-1. Designed for maximum dynamic regulation. 6 1/4″H x 7 5/8″W x 10″D. Weighs 25 lbs.

516E-1 DC POWER SUPPLY operates from 12 vdc and provides all voltages for the KWM-1. Designed for mobile operation. Completely transistorized for maximum efficiency and to eliminate moving parts. Silicon diodes used for rectification.

516E-2 DC POWER SUPPLY is similar to the 516E-1 but operates from 28 vdc. Weighs 15 pounds. 7 19/32″H x 10 1/8″W x 5 3/4″D.

351D-1 MOBILE MOUNT is used to mount the KWM-1 under the dashboard of an automobile. Attaching brackets adapt to any make. Two cantilever arms provide easy in and out installation. Antenna, power and speaker connect automatically. Arms fold out of way.

399B-1 DX CONVERSION ADAPTER replaces the crystal box and changes transceiver operation to separate transmitter and receiver functions. Easy interchangeability.

312B-2 SPEAKER CONSOLE contains a 5″ x 7″ speaker, phone patch and directional RF wattmeter.

312B-1 SPEAKER contains a 5″ x 7″ speaker.