KWM-2/2A Accessories

The following accessories were produced primarily for the KWM-2/2A, however, many can also be used with the S-Line units. See also S-Line Accessories.


The 136B-2 is designed for use with the KWM-2 under mobile operating conditions. This noise blanker provides effective reduction of impulse-type noise. It differs from simple audio clipping circuits or series-type limiters by silencing ahead of the selective sideband filters.

All necessary hardware and instructions are furnished for simple installation into the KWM-2. The 136B-2 requires a 40 mc antenna which can be used as a standard whip for the car radio. Weight is 1-1/4 lbs.


The 351D-2 provides secure mounting for the KWM-2 in most automobiles. Cantilever arms fold out of the way when the KWM-2 is removed. The connector at the right end is the power plug; the connector at the left end can be used for control of antennas having band switching circuitry. Cables 20 feet in length are attached to each plug.


The MP-1 converts a 12-volt automobile, aircraft or boat battery to the voltages required for the Collins KWM-1, KWM-2 or KWM-2A. The MP-1 includes a high voltage supply for the transmitter PA, bias and a low voltage supply for the amplifier.

Size: 5-3/4″ H, 3-3/4 ” D, 11″ W. Weight: 7-1/2 lbs.


The 351E can be used to secure the S/Line or KWM-2 equipments to bench or table in shipboard, airborne or vehicular installations. The 351E-1 will accommodate either the 75S-3B,-3C Receiver or the 32S-3 Transmitter; the 351E-2 will mount either the 516F-2 Power Supply or the 312B-4 Station Control; the 351E-3 will mount the 312B-3 Speaker.

The 351E-4 has two snap-in clamps for secure installation of the KWM-2. The equipment can be easily un-clamped for removal without the use of tools. The unit is removed by pulling forward and lifting from the mounting plate.


The CC-2 is designed to hold the components of a portable Collins SSB or CW station. The KWM-2 plus the PM-2 Power Supply, the KWM-2 alone, the 30L-1, or the 51S-1 can be transported in the case.The CC-2 is adapted from the Samsonite Silhouette and includes a shock-resistant interior for the equipment. Weight: 9.5 lbs. empty.


The CC-3 is a specially built case for accessory components of a portable Collins SSB or CW station. The CC-3 has the same styling features as the CC-2. A molded interior allows the CC-3 to accommodate a 312B-5 (or 312B-4) Station Control Console, a 516E-2 (or MP-1) Power Supply, a TD-1 Dipole Antenna, as well as a supply of spare tubes and fuses. Weight: 10 lbs. empty.


The Collins MM-1 is a pressure-operated dynamic microphone designed to fit your hand comfortably. This mike is engineered for maximum voice response, and its die-cast case is finished in brushed satin chrome. With its mounting button on the front, the MM-1 slips easily into a dashboard bracket supplied with the mike. When the MM-1 is removed from the dashboard bracket, the microphone is in position for instant transmission. A five-foot length of Koiled Kord with mike plug is supplied with the 22-ounce microphone. The MM-1 has a frequency response from 200-10,000 cycles per second and has an output level of -48 db.


The Collins MM-2 includes a high impedance reluctance microphone and single earphone which can be used in either a fixed station installation or with a mobile unit. The MM-2 has a frequency response from 100-7,000 cycles per second and an output level of -50 db. In mobile use, the earpiece and microphone unit permit the driver to operate his car with both hands while carrying out radio voice communication. Although it weighs only 3-1/2 ounces, the Collins MM-2 is built to withstand the strenuous demands of daily mobile operation. Its microphone boom has a 360ø adjustment making it possible to angle the mike to the best pickup position. The MM-2 Microphone has a magnetic stray field shield to exclude unwanted noises. For optimum reception of signals, an adjustable tone arm in the MM-2 pipes sound directly into the operator’s right or left ear, but does not cover the ear as conventional earphones do. The MM-2 is equipped with both mike and phone plugs.


The TD-1 is designed for use when portability and operation on different frequencies are primary considerations. The molded plastic housing holds two steel tapes calibrated in meters, decimeters and centimeters. These tapes can be extended to the required length for a given frequency and locked in place. A permanent frequency-to-meters conversion chart is attached to the antenna housing. Each end of the tape is attached to a length of nylon line which acts as an insulator and a means for securing the antenna to structures of suitable height. A directional wattmeter should be used for initial tune-up to insure the proper frequency setting.