Once upon a time, in a land far away (Arkansas), a very persistent Jim Stitzinger, WA3CEX, and one of our current Board of Directors, found the original Ford Econ-O-Line Collins Radio S-Line Promotion Van parked and gutted in the driveway of a Once-Upon-a-Time Collins Radio Distributor. It had been saved from extinction, but suffered the ignobility of being turned into a refrigerator delivery van, and then forgotten to rust under a tarp.

We can thank Jim for finding this lost treasure and bringing it back to life in only that way that Jim has of getting a bone in his teeth and not turning loose until the job is done. This van was used by Collins Radio for many years, stored when no longer needed and then finally sold to one of their active distributors who, for a period of time, used it to promote his continuing Collins Sales and then his business. Take a look at this wonderful video by Gary Halverson, K6GLH, who has captured the essence of this journey by Jim, and then come and see it at one of our functions. Jim brought it to Ham Com in Plano, Texas June 7th and 8th where we had our 3rd annual Ham Com Collins Banquet — Thank You Jim!