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Thanks for taking a look at what the CCA stands for and what it can mean to you. For the active Collins user, belonging to the CCA can be extremely beneficial. Our website and operation provides a vast collection of printed matter relating to Collins Radio including both technical and promotional material. We also have an informal group of extremely capable “Senior Technical Staff Advisors” who work on a volunteer basis to help members solve, what can be, complicated technical problems encountered in Collins amateur products. These people can be accessed directly, or by signing up for our CCA REFLECTOR and posting questions or needs there. For more information on the history of the CCA and what we stand for, please click on the “About the CCA” link on the right.

Benefits of membership include our quarterly magazine, The Signal, the Collins Reflector e-mail list exchange, the CCA web site, a handsome membership certificate suitable for framing and our weekly CCA Nets. There are also other Collins related items available exclusively to CCA members such as extremely high quality clothing, and when you come to our events, there will be CCA name badges, tee shirts and other memorabilia. Various 3rd-party vendors provide specific discounts to CCA members. Please see the Collins CCA Support Directory for more specific information.

The CCA stands for – and promotes – the highest standards in operating practice. It is our intent that the quality and integrity of our operation and membership will reflect the same quality and integrity that the Collins Radio equipment is known for. Thus, there is a real opportunity to share in quality fellowship with other CCA members.

CCA Organization – The Collins Collectors Association is a State of Texas chartered Not for Profit Corporation operated solely for the benefit of the members and to further the stated objectives of fostering preservation and documentation of the history and equipment manufactured by Collins Radio and Rockwell Collins. This purpose includes the research and documentation of the anecdotal history of both the Collins Radio Company as well as its employees. The CCA has chosen to not be a 501(C)-3 federal not for profit due to the volunteer nature of its elected leadership and concerns about perceived conflict of interest as well as the logistics of storing and disposing of donations. Ethical standards and management qualifications are a major focus of the work that we do.

Donations – The CCA is proud of its formal alliance, The Collins Radio Heritage Group, between the CCA and the AWA (Antique Wireless Association). This alliance allows us to channel donations – the AWA is a chartered federal 501(C)-3 – into a tax deductible museum environment if members so choose. We encourage you to consider this option when doing your estate planning. Also, we are asked many times how members can donate directly to the CCA. If you so desire, this can be done via our PayPal account. Please contact the current President via email and he can walk you through the simple process. These contributions, however, are not tax deductible. These donated funds help us defray the costs of running the overhead operations including the reflector, the many events we fund around the country and the website operation.

CCA Elected Board of Directors  – The CCA holds regular elections to select the governing body of our Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws set down in our charter. These elections are announced in the Signal Magazine and on our website and reflector. Terms are typically two years and there is a term limit of two terms, assuring that leadership will be renewed regularly. There are four elected board members and the charter allows one appointed (non-term limited) board member. This allows us to satisfy the requirement in the charter that the Treasurer must also be a member of the Board of Directors. Your support and participation in this volunteer driven process is both highly encouraged and necessary for our continued success.

CCA Technical Support ArchivesThe CCA provides both Technical and Historical Archiving Service for information provided from both Rockwell Collins and from our membership. There is a wealth of information available here and it grows every day as you all contribute something you think is missing. See the Archive master page to find out how you can help. Please note that these archives are completely different and independent of the REFLECTOR archives described below under “REFLECTOR”. The manuals and Service information portion of these archives can also be accessed directly from the CCA Home FRL list under Collins Equipment Manuals

CCA Reflector and Reflector ArchivesThe CCA provides an open email reflector service for members and non-members alike. PLEASE NOTE that joining the email reflector by clicking on the “REFLECTOR” button on the tool bar and following the easy steps there, does not have any relationship to our CCA membership.

CCA Awards are now available for those that like a challenge. As a member of the Collins Collectors Association you will also be eligible for many exciting and prestigious awards. For more information about our new CCA Awards Program, click on the FRL Awards Link on the Home page anytime, or just CLICKHERE now to read more.

CCA Support Directory – This is a master listing of businesses and private contributors who provide services or products that are useful for the preservation and repair of Collins radios. There are also suppliers of related services in some cases. Look by category and if you find a supplier we do not have listed, let us know.

CCA Nets – The CCA supports a number of weekly and monthly nets to promote the use, discussion, and sale of Collins Radio Equipment. The Sunday afternoon 20 meter net is dedicated to technical discussion and the listing of Collins-related equipment for buy/sell/swap.
The CCA also supports three weekly 75-meter nets which are designed to be very informal with open discussions. Then, every month, there is our 75 meter AM night and when 10 meters is open we sponsor a 10 meter net. Click on the NET INFORMATION FRL link on the home page at any time to get up to date information about the 10 meter, or any other CCA net.

CCA Store – The CCA, through a third party supplier – HamThreads – offers a nice line of very high quality clothing with custom embroidery of your favorite authentic and licensed logo artwork as well as your call sign and or name. CCA members are given a preferred discount. Click on the CCA STORE on the Home toolbar to see this offering. In addition, this store is growing and we are in the process of adding some very nice other gifts and Collins related objects. Stay tuned and come see the store periodically to watch our progress.