About the CCA

The Collins Collectors Association was formed in 1994 by a small group of Collins collectors and operators that were passionate about their equipment and the history and lore of the company. The relationship of these people and the eventual formation of the club started from a Sunday afternoon 20 meter Collins net started by Bill Wheeler, K0DEW, and now a CCA honorary member of the Board of Directors and our President Emeritus. At about the same time, Jay Roman, KB0ATQ, started a wonderful magazine titled the Collins Collectors Magazine. At that time, membership in the CCA was separate from the subscription for the magazine.

Eventually Jay could no longer publish the magazine and it was taken over by the CCA and renamed the Signal Magazine – honoring Collins Radio and their Signal publication. The CCA was licensed by Rockwell Collins to assume publishing of this magazine and also to reprint or use, in any form, literature or technical publications relating to amateur operation of any Collins equipment. We are also licensed to use their logos, with the exception of the current Rockwell Collins badge.

The CCA has grown over the years as people have discovered Collins and their equipment, and as they have discovered the value of the services that the CCA provides to both its members and the public in general. In the interest of preservation of both the equipment and the history of Collins Radio, many of our services are available without charge. These include the Collins Reflector collins@listserve.com and all of the wealth of information and photographs that are available on this website at collinsradio.org or collinsradio.com . In addition, there are activities around the country annually and much of this is free. Please use the CCA Reflector link on the tool bar to find out more about the reflector and how to use it and join.

The CCA is still a club that is focused on quality and not size. We do not try and be the largest or biggest of anything. What we do try and do is be the best at what we do – – and that is to try and preserve and protect the history of Collins and its’ equipment and to support you, our members, or potential members. The bulk of our monies collected go to producing the Signal Magazine, paying for expenses at the events around the country and supporting our preservation efforts, the website and the reflector.

Because of our close and necessary relationship to Rockwell Collins and because we represent the best that the communications industry in this country ever produced, the CCA is focused on ethics and the quality of our operation, our products (website, reflector, magazine, etc.) including the management and operational style and efforts of the staff. The staff is not large and is entirely made up of volunteers. It is made up of people that are, for the most part also family members and are still involved in their careers. They do not have a lot of spare time, so use them wisely.

Above all, just like you all desire to have fun with your hobby, our staff does too. We try and minimize politics and things that distract us from our objectives. Those would be having fun and supporting you.

We will be candid here. If you are not a member, and find our offerings and services useful, you are invited to join and help support this effort. If you are a member, then you are invited to help with our efforts and volunteer some of your time and talents.

We unequivocally state the club is run conservatively, honestly and ethically. Members of the Board are volunteers and receive no compensation, directly or indirectly for their efforts on behalf of the CCA. The CCA does not accept donations or bequests of equipment. CCA Board members view their efforts on behalf of the CCA as part of our donation to the cause of preservation of the use and lore of Collins equipment and our hobby.

The CCA is an association taxed as a corporation for Federal income tax purposes. CCA revenues are received from membership dues and miscellaneous sales of merchandise. Annual expenditures for website and reflector design and maintenance, the Signal Magazine and related postage and out of pocket costs for scheduled events including The Dayton Hamfest and Dallas Ham Com essentially consume such revenues. Annual CCA net income, if any, is modest and is retained to fund working capital needs and balance accruals like long term memberships.

In short, this is a club that focuses on fun. It is a hobby for all of us. We have a zero tolerance policy for folks that are uncivil. This applies to both the reflector and the club. We have returned membership applications and fees and rejected people from membership when we feel that they do not represent us, or Collins, well. There are some strange people in this world, and we do not want to associate with them….particularly in a hobby and particularly where they can impact our reputation. Please do not confuse this position with rejecting differences of opinion. We solicit civilized constructive criticism together with suggestions to solve issues. We believe differences of opinion add new vigor to any operation and this is welcome.

Is this kind of a hard line? Yes it may look that way. We have found it necessary to keep out some really bad actors. Does it happen often…..no. Most people are pretty nice when it comes right down to it and when they understand the entire picture.

So, come and enjoy, and come and help if you are so inclined, and write us with any comments.