CCA Nets

The CCA currently has 5 affiliated nets which meet weekly as well as a 1st Wednesday AM net that meets monthly. Our nets are one of the foundation blocks of the Collins Collectors Association and extremely popular. Come join the fun!

Collins gear is not required although it is strongly encouraged of course.

Click here to listen to the Sunday Net

Nets – Summary
Sunday – Original 20m – 14.263 mHz at 2000 UTC – SSB
Tuesday – MID States SSB – 3.805 mHz 8 pm Central – SSB
1st Wednesday AM (each month) – 3.880 mHz AM Night (7:00 PM EST)

7:30 PM-9:00 PM Local Central Time
8:00 PM-9:00 PM Local Mountain Time
8:00 PM-9:00 PM Local West Coast Time

Thursday – MID US SSB – 3.805 mHz at 8 pm Central – SSB
Friday West Coast SSB – 3.895 mHz at 8 pm Pacific, 10 pm Central

Net Details
The CCA 20-meter SSB Net meets every Sunday on 14.263 mHz USB at 2000 UTC throughout the year and is our formal, directed net. The Sunday CCA net is dedicated to buy, sell, swap, technical questions, “in for the numbers”, and rag chew.

The first hour of the net is dedicated to Buy, Sell, Swap, and Wants. Check-ins are taken from any call district. This is followed by general check-ins for technical questions or “in for the numbers” (just a “howdy hello”) based on the call district you live in. We take check-ins starting with the first call district thru the 5th, then the 8th thru the 10th, and finishing with the 6th and 7th call districts. This pretty much follows local time and radio propagation from East to West. If you miss checking in when your call district is called, don´t worry, you´ll have plenty of time to check-in during “late check-ins” at the end of the net. At the end of the net, most Net Control Operators open the net for an informal rag chew…what we call the “After Net”.

The CCA also supports three weekly 75-meter SSB Nets:

Tuesday & Thursday nights on 3805 kHz LSB at 8 pm Central,
Friday West Coast SSB – 3895 LSB kHz  8 pm Pacific, 10 pm Central

The 75-meter nets are designed to be very informal with open discussions and the least amount of structure possible.

Then – Join us on AM for the 1st Wednesday AM Net on 3880 kHz at 7 or 8 pm in each time zone moving from east to west. This net meets regularly on the first Wednesday of each month.

7:00 PM-8:30 pm Local East Coast Time
7:30 PM-9:00 pm Local Central Time
8:00 PM-9:00 pm Local Mountain Time
8:00 PM-9:00 pm Local West Coast Time

10 Meter CCA AM Net Sundays on 29.050 mHz at 12 Noon central (1800Z).
Come join the AM fun! (As of May, 2012 this net is shut down because of erratic propagation, but it is coming soon)

The CCA needs YOUR help!
We are looking for stations to help run our nets as a Net Control Operator (NCOs). You can pick the net which best fits your schedule and your reward for helping is the thrill of getting to know many of our members on the air. The work is easy and lots of fun too. For more information, please contact any of our Net Managers or give your name and telephone number to any Net Control Stations on any CCA net.

Current CCA Net Managers.

20 Meter Sunday Afternoon Net (14.263 mHz)

W6TMU – Jim
Jim Hollabaugh
774 Wisteria Dr
Fremont, CA 94539
510 651 6100

1st Wednesday AM Night Net (3880 kHz)

WA9VRH – Larry
Larry J Saletzki
11729 N Evans Mill Rd
Princeville, IL 61559
To talk to Larry, Email him.

75 Meter Weekly Tuesday & Thursday Nets (3805 kHz)

K4HWB – Lloyd
Lloyd Rafalsky
238 Shades Crest Road
Birmingham, AL 35226

75 Meter Weekly West Coast Friday Net (3895 kHz)
Werner Vavken, WB6RAW
16200 Old Japanese Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95030

10 Meter CCA Sunday AM Net (This net is currently on hold due to erratic propagation)

K5PZ – Pete
Pete Zilliox
9121 Atlanta Avenue, #344
Huntington Beach, CA 92646