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PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS BEFORE JOINING THE REFLECTOR. This is, and will be, a well behaved reflector. It is thus, because we maintain a ZERO tolerance policy for abusers. It is important to understand the rules. They are simple, but effective. Also, the people who help manage the reflector are volunteers with their own family and careers to care for. You would be amazed at how many emails we get asking how to subscribe or unsubscribe. It is all right here. Help us by reading this periodically.

Using this reflector, it is easy to share Collins information with others and is free of cost to both Collins Collectors Association (CCA) members and non-members alike!

The CCA Collins Reflector Archives are available here

The CCA Collins Reflector is an electronic mailing list where list members can e-mail (post) questions or comments that are automatically distributed via e-mail to well over 1000 subscribers. The CCAR has guidelines for participation that are stated in the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that is included below. The list FAQ is also posted to the reflector at regular intervals.

The CCA Collins Reflector FAQ v5.2

WHAT IS IT? The CCA Reflector (CCAR) is an email list sponsored by the not-for-profit Collins Collectors Association. The purpose of this list is to allow subscribers to share information in a convenient and timely manner about the equipment and lore of the Collins Radio Company, now Rockwell Collins. The CCAR is used by you exclusively at your own risk, and we ask that you enjoy the list in a manner that does not detract from the enjoyment of others. Consistently going off topic (The topic is Collins and Collins directly related) is grounds for removal from the list.

HOW DO I USE IT? To receive or post messages on the CCAR one must first subscribe to the reflector by providing a valid email address using the subscribe link at the bottom of the page. After you subscribe, posting for the list should be addressed to If you are listing something for sale, we strongly ask that you put a price on it. This is not an auction site, and “Best Offer” sales are not allowed. If you wish to refer to pictures or attachments, you must either include a link where they are available, or ask folks to email you “OFF LIST” to ask for them. The ListServe service that the CCA uses to provide you this service does not allow photos or attachments and they will be stripped off if your post makes it through at all. In short, no photos or no attachments. Commands to “Subscribe” or “Unsubscribe” can be sent only to the address To use a command, put it in the subject field – not in quotes – and leave the text field blank. Please, DO NOT send commands to the moderators or the administrator. This requires that the administrator do this manually.

HOW DO I START OR STOP MY SUBSCRIPTION? Reflector subscriptions are free of charge and are available to both CCA members and non-members. Subscriptions may be managed by using the hot buttons at the bottom of this page. Your sign on will be effective for the email address from which the email is sent. When you use the hot buttons at the bottom of the page, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY ENTRIES IN THE EMAIL THAT IS BROUGHT UP BY THE BUTTON AND DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE CONFIRMATION EMAILS THAT YOU GET WHEN SIGNING ON. WHEN YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, JUST HIT REPLY AND THEN SEND. When signing on for the first time, please read the terms and conditions and guidelines below.

HOW DO I SUSPEND MY REFLECTOR EMAILS IF I AM GOING AWAY? For those of you that remember this function from the past, there is bad news. (The provider who carries our reflector) no longer supports this command. Unfortunately, the only way to turn off your reflector messages while you are gone on vacation is to use the unsubscribe command hot button at the bottom of this information text. You can then subscribe again when you return. This is straight forward for you, but means that the moderator will be reviewing your posts for a brief period of time. We have checked and there is no way around this. is not our website. See above for starting and stopping your subscription.

WHY WAS I DROPPED FROM THE REFLECTOR? Active reflector members will be dropped if the reflector server gets a number of bounced emails in a row indicating to it that your email address is no longer valid. This can happen if your email provider’s server goes down, or if your “bin” is full for a period of time. This can happen if you go on vacation and do not pick up emails for an extended period of time or if you are sent very large files and do not pick them up.

WHAT IS THE LIST FORMAT? The CCAR is a lightly moderated list. Subscribers in good standing who post to the reflector will have their messages automatically distributed by email to all list members. To help avoid spam, new subscribers will have their initial posts delayed for confirmation between posting and distribution. Contributions (Postings) to the list may be archived. Please understand that this initial moderation after sign-on is a requirement to help block spam. There is no way to eliminate this.

HOW DO I POST A MESSAGE? To have a message distributed to the list subscribers, send your message in email form (complete with a descriptive subject line) to: . . . Please remember to keep all posts ON TOPIC and related to Collins Radio! Remember, topics can get quite stale after several days, so please be kind and let them fade away.

HOW DO I REPLY TO A MESSAGE? For many replies, you will want to respond to the submitter off-list and not copy the entire list. Using the “Reply” function on your email program is all that is required and it will send a message off-list only to the originator of the message. VERY IMPORTANT: Use the “Reply All” function, or copy the list, ONLY when your response has information that would be of interest TO THE ENTIRE LIST. We do ask that when providing information to a request, or providing a solution to a problem, that you use “Reply All” so that the list gets this information and so it can be archived for future research purposes. Please take any controversial discussions off list.

ARE THERE RESTRICTIONS? Yes. As this is a lightly moderated reflector, please observe the posting guidelines and remember: your words will end up in the email boxes of well over 1000 subscribers. Once you hit the “send” button, your words can never be retracted. For this reason, reflector trolls, flamers, and malcontents will have their subscriptions immediately deleted. In a nutshell, there are eleven main guidelines on postings to the group:

No test posts, HTML format posts, or blank subject headers.
BUY-SELL-TRADE guidelines are listed below.
No off topic postings. The Topic is Collins Radio history, Collins Equipment & Collins Restoration/Repair.
Maintenance of Collins and related equipment (as listed in Collins manuals) is OK
No cross posting, auction listings, virus alerts, trolls, flames, etc.
No posting of copyrighted items or private emails without permission.
No personal attacks, flames, or posts directed to a single person.
Be civil and respectful; not unkind, unsavory, or salacious.
If you are asking a question or making a point, ONCE is enough.
When the moderator posts END OF THREAD you are not supposed to send another post to the group on this topic!
Please avoid being venal, vacuous, or venomous.

CAN I BUY-SELL-TRADE? For your personal Collins related items: yes, anytime. We ask that you do not post your eBay auctions to the reflector – please post your items for sale here first before you take them to eBay! When offering an item for sale on the reflector, we strongly request that you put a price in the offering. We do not allow anything that even borders on “Best Offer”. This is not an auction site. If you are unsure of the value of what you are offering, ask for guidance from the group.

For dealer or commercial announcements, listings, or advertising: please contact the list hosts for limitations and additional information. Important: if you have had a problem dealing with someone, please DO NOT post it to the list, but advise the list hosts immediately.

WHERE CAN I SEARCH THE CCA REFLECTOR ARCHIVES? Searchable archives from October, 2000 to date are located at: . You can also access the reflector archives through one of the links so labeled on this website.

HOW CAN I GET HELP OR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE LIST? Please address all questions about the reflector directly to the list hosts at: NOTE: We would appreciate it if you would read the FAQs here before asking your administrators.

The CCA Reflector Legal Information (a.k.a the small print):

The Collins Reflector is a private site sponsored and paid for by the Collins Collectors Association for the use and benefit of persons having a genuine interest in Collins Radio, its history, and its products. Use of this site by any person is subject to agreement to the guidelines and conditions stated in this welcome message. The Collins Collectors Association, through its officers and directors, shall have the sole right and discretion to enforce these guidelines. As a further condition to the privilege of using the Collins Reflector it is specifically agreed that the Collins Collectors Association, its officers and directors, are not responsible or liable for the content of any specific e-mails or posting on the Collins Reflector, or for any problems resulting from any sales or trades or exchange of information conducted on the Collins Reflector, nor for the removal of any person from the Collins Reflector, with or without notice, for violation of any of the posted guidelines. Items posted on the CCA Web site or on the Collins Reflector which include a copyright notice from Rockwell Collins or from the Collins Collectors Association can be downloaded, printed or copied for personal use only, and are not to be reproduced or otherwise used for commercial purposes without the express consent of the copyright owner. In general, other copyrighted material, or links to copyrighted material should not be posted on the Collins Reflector. However, in the event such are posted then neither the Collins Collectors Association, its officers or directors shall have any liability to any third party because of such posting or subsequent use of such posting, or because of the removal of the posting from the Reflector. The Collins Collectors Association reserves the right to add, subtract or modify these guidelines as is necessary in the opinion of the Board of Directors to maintain the integrity of the Collins Reflector, and reserves the right to cease operations of the Collins Reflector at any time when, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, it is in the best interest of the Collins Collectors Association.

Do not make any entries in any of the emails involved with the below process. Using these links means YOU HAVE READ and AGREE to THE ABOVE.

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