Web Site Credits

Bill Carns N7OTQ

There is a tendency, when you put a lot of effort into something, to mentally assume ownership of it. This is, in many ways, a good thing. As we have worked on this new version of the CCA website, we have found ourselves calling it “The New CCA Website”.

In fact, it is not new, but just a new version with – we hope – improvements. This website would not exist in its current form if it were not for the work of past webmasters and CCA managers. So this work stands on, and contains the result of, many others’ efforts.

We want to thank those people too numerous to all include here. Specifically we want to thank Sandy Meltzer, KW6KW, who was really the start of something big. Sandy’s work is still in evidence and more of it will particularly be welcome back when we re-integrate the historical archives from the 90s.

Following Sandy, Brian Sokol, W9SRK, brought us through the 2000s. Brian did a lot of great work that gave us our present theme (which we have kept) and he led us into the “PayPal” era. No mean feat! Brian will still be involved.

But this brings us to our current website manager – Scott Kerr, KE1RR. Scott has done a tremendous amount of work to add many features to the site and to integrate the past efforts of Sandy Meltzer, Brian Sokol and Gary Halverson.

Our sincere thanks to all of these folks. We could not have done this without you.