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We encourage you to support and join the Collins Collectors Association (CCA)…. While many of our benefits are free to members and non-members alike, The CCA provides these “public” benefits in the interest of preserving the equipment, history and folklore of Collins Radio. Please understand that these “free services” are not free for us and we depend on membership support to fund these preservation services like the reflector and the archiving work done on this site. Please read the “ABOUT” section of the site for more information on our organization.


Membership Facts: Note that there is no relationship between “Joining” or Subscribing to the CCA Reflector and becoming a full member of the CCA.


Annual New “Full Membership” Dues:

• USA and Canadian membership – $32.00 (There is a $3.00 processing fee for mail payment so mail-in)
Full Membership is $35.00 check or MO – use the printable form on the right).
• Foreign (non-US/Canada) Membership – $45.00 in US funds (Mail or Online Payment)
• Check appropriate box on the Membership Form

Full Member Benefits: In addition to the free public services of the CCA, as a new full member, you will receive the highly respected Signal Magazine by mail. In addition, you get have access to discounts at our annual event dinners and at our CCA STORE. You will also support the preservation and continued use of Collins amateur radio equipment. Also, each year, you will be mailed a high quality CCA membership certificate suitable for framing. Often the Signal Magazine mailing includes a reprint of original Collins Radio literature or other valuable technical information. As a member of the Collins Collectors Association you will also be eligible for many exciting and prestigious awards. For more information about our CCA Awards Program, click on the FRL Awards Link on the Home Page anytime – or just CLICK HERE now to read about this program. Note that you can examine or change all of your personal data at any time just by logging in. You will be sent log-in credentials when you join. Applicants for Full CCA Membership should click the JOIN FULL using PayPal link on the right.


RENEWAL OF FULL MEMBERSHIP: Renewal notices will be sent by the website to your email address prior to expiration. You will have the option to make your renewal automatic when you pay the first time via the PayPal method (Online). Annual membership runs from your join date to your expiry date a year later. You can check this date any time in your personal data online and it is also printed above your mailing label area of your Signal Magazine envelope.

Renewal FULL Member Dues: Same as New Full Membership- Log in and renew from the Landing Zone.

NOTICE:  You must be logged in to renew. You do not need to be logged in (you can’t because you are not a member) to join.


PayPal is now available for use as a method of payment, WITH EITHER:
• your own credit or debit card (on the PayPal site) or
• PayPal Account

To Join Us, use JOIN FULL using PayPal on the right FRL list

PAY BY MAIL: If you choose to mail in your membership application and a check (Please note slightly higher domestic fee for processing by mail), please click on the application form link on the right side of this page and then fill it in and send it with your check to the address on the form. Applications with the wrong payment amount will be returned to you for correction and an additional fee assessed for processing.

Other Questions: For alternate payment methods or questions about your CCA membership, please contact Jerry Kessler, CCA Membership Chairman, via e-mail at