We are coming to the end of another year. That means that it is time to renew your membership in the Collins Collectors Association (or Join Us) so that you can continue to enjoy the Signal Magazine and other membership benefits. This year, we added the store and its discount for members and, of course the Signal has continued to improve, and our website, continued to get better. You will be seeing more activities (there were five this year) and we will be at Orlando HamCation this coming (2014) year in February, so check out our Events Calendar from the home page. 2014 is a special year for us. It is the 20th Anniversary of the Collins Collectors Association and there are some very nice surprises in store for everyone. Our events around the country will be somewhat of one big Birthday Party. The Signal issues will also reflect this celebratory theme. While you’re at this, take a look also at the Archives in the Pre War Equipment section and there are new uploads to the manuals and other archives all the time. More good work is, and will continue, going on there now that we are finished with the four “History of Collins Radio” Anniversary issues! We sure hope that you did not miss those. If you did, all is not lost. Due to many requests, and in our planning from the beginning, there is a reprint Leather Bound, Numbered Collector’s Edition (It will be first class) 80th Anniversary of Collins Book that will be offered to our members at a discount. This book will contain a reprinting of the four special anniversary 2013 issues that covered the four eras of Collins Radios’ history (Pre War, War, Post War and Post Rockwell). It will also contain some original work by the Signal staff as well as by outside contributors. Over 175 pages of great reading. The offering will be announced right after the first of the year and will be subscribed during Q1 and shipped in Q2 of 2014 for part of our 20th anniversary.

Also, stay tuned for more enhancements and member activities on the website. More local get-togethers are popping up and there may be one coming near you…or, why not start one – a barbeque, or whatever you want to dream up. You plan it and we will hype it for you on the site and the reflector, and then we will run your report and pictures after you have all the fun.

Have a great year. We are planning on it!