We are sorry you are having difficulty joining or logging in. We are transitioning from an external manually kept database to the website maintained database and there are several possibilities of how you have arrived here.

Here are some basics.

  1. If you are a first time joining new member, use the Join using Paypal and do not try to log-in first.
  2. If you are returning old member, but were not active during the 2013 year ending December, 2013, use theJoin using Paypal…..Then fill out the data form completely and pay for your membership. Send an email to Jerry Kessler at ccamembers@att.net  and tell him that you just “joined” the website database, but are a returning member – and he will make sure you get your old number back. All he needs is your name and call sign but giving him your old number – if you have it – will help. Please understand that you cannot just renew because you are not in the new website database that was formed while you were gone for a while.
  3. If you are a returning 2013 member trying to renew, but you joined, or renewed, for 2013 using snail mail or some other – non website – method (like joining at a show), you are not in the website database yet unless you specifically asked for us to manually set you up and you received a password email.. Since you are not in the website database yet, go to number two above and use those instructions.
  4. If you are a returning member that joined or renewed on the website, you would have received an email from the site when you joined or renewed. If you have never logged in and have lost that email and temporary password, then go to the MEMBER LOGIN Tool Bar button and click and go to the MEMBER LOGIN Home page and enter your USER ID in the USER ID blank. YOUR USER ID IS YOUR CALL SIGN – Only your call sign will work and your email will not work. Then, click the LOST YOUR PASSWORD link. Fill in your email and then after a short delay, you will first receive an email where you must click a link. That will take you back to the site. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THERE YET. Just look in your email in box again and there will be a new password in there in a second email. Follow the email instructions and carefully enter your obnoxious temporary password (DO NOT SWEEP COPY IT OR IT WILL COPY A CONTROL CHARACTER AND FAIL). After you have logged in the first time, you will be at the MEMBER LANDING ZONE and there is a Grey Man in the upper left – That is “YOU”, and if you click on “YOU” it will take you to your data, where you can fill out your biographical sketch, change any data that needs correction and (about half way down) enter and confirm a more user friendly password. Change the password to your choice the first time you are in there.
  5. You think you are in the database and have your temp password, or a valid password, and you are still having difficulty.  Click here