PTO Service and Specifications

70E Series Specifications

70E-15/51J PTO Service
The CCA wishes to acknowledge the source of this article as Ham Radio Magazine and the website and also acknowledge the author, William Orr, then W6SAI, now SK.

70K-2 Stability Service

70E-8 PTO Rebuild

70K-2 PTO Assembly & Lube Comments

70K-2 Circuit Diagrams and Alignment Aids

Applicable S-Line PTO Dial Assembly Instructions – Service Bulletins
SB1007 15 May 1961
SB1011 26 Jun 1963

PTO Overview Specifications & History
Emilio Ciardiello PTO Overview

S-Line & KWM-2 (70K-2)PTO Assemblies (A Tutorial by W5HTW)
Part I 
Part II
Part III

Additional PTO Data