Rod Blocksome

Rod Blocksome, K0DAS, has worked for Rockwell Collins and Collins Radio for over 42 years. He is a major supporter of the CCA’s effort to preserve the history and equipment of Collins Radio.

He received his BSEE degree in 1968 and then a MSEE in 1973. His major design engineering project responsibilities have included the HF power amplifiers for the HF-8021 3kW, HF-8022 10 kW, and HF-8023 1kW (solid state).  He was also lead development engineer for the HF-8151A (AN/FRT-96) 10 kW transmitter, the MF-8022 (a 16 kW auto-tune medium frequency PA) and the TV-8022 (a 45 kWPEPmanual tuned television transmitter). As a significant contributor to the CCA, Rod is particularly interested in “the production history of the Collins equipment, the anecdotal stories of how certain things happened – and the Collins engineers who made them happen.” The CCA is fortunate to have Rod as an active member.

Rod has been a licensed ham for 48 years, getting the Novice call KN0DAS in 1960 and upgrading to (conditional) General (now K0DAS) about 6 months later. He has since earned his Extra class license. In the course of his travels, he has also held K0DAS/KH6, K0DAS/KH2, VK2IHY, and T30CXX