Welcome to the printable and down-loadable archives of the CCA Signal Magazine. This magazine is printed and sent to our membership once a quarter. We honor the Collins Radio Company and Rockwell Collins by carrying on the tradition of printing a quality information and technical magazine called the Signal Magazine. Over the past 8 years it has evolved from a black and white newsletter format to its current form of a full color and full sized (typically 24 page) stitch bound magazine. It contains a wealth of information about the history of the Collins Radio Company, its equipment and its people. This includes historical perspectives as well as great technical support and restoration articles. Please see the RX for Your Collins button on the tool bar for a cross reference for these articles by equipment model.

Contributors to these articles are rewarded with subscription bonuses as well as the pride of seeing their work in a quality magazine. If you would like to write for The Signal, or even if you just have material or pictures to contribute, please contact the editor, Bill Carns, by email and we will be pleased to work with you.

Below are scanned PDF files of the previous issues of the CCA Signal Magazine.

This section of the CCA web site includes links to scanned versions of all past issues of The Signal  – the quarterly magazine of the Collins Collectors Association (CCA) – as well as new articles written specifically for this on-line resource. Online PDF files are available here for most issues up to and including 2013. On line issue availability trails the published mailings by about a year and a half.

The original Collins Radio Signal Magazine can be viewed by clicking here (Collins Radio Company “Collins Signals from the 1930s“)

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The past issues of the Signal are the property of the Collins Collectors Association (CCA) and can be downloaded for private use only. Any copying, redistribution, or publication without written permission of the CCA is prohibited. These files are digitally protected.

Issue 01 1st Quarter of 96 (PDF)
Issue 02 2nd Quarter of 96 (PDF)
Issue 03 3rd Quarter of 96 (PDF)
Issue 04 4th Quarter of 96 (PDF)

Issue 05 1st Quarter of 97 (PDF)
Issue 06 2nd Quarter of 97 (PDF)
Issue 07 3rd Quarter of 97 (PDF)
Issue 08 4th Quarter of 97 (PDF)

Issue 09 1st Quarter of 98 (PDF)
Issue 10 2nd Quarter of 98 (PDF)
Issue 11 3rd Quarter of 98 (PDF)
Issue 12 4th Quarter of 98 (PDF)

Issue 13 1st Quarter of 99 (PDF)
Issue 14 2nd Quarter of 99 (PDF)
Issue 15 3rd Quarter of 99 (PDF)
Issue 16 4th Quarter of 99 (PDF)

Issue 17 1st Quarter of 00 (PDF)
Issue 18 2nd Quarter of 00 (PDF)
Issue 19 3rd Quarter of 00 (PDF)
Issue 20 4th Quarter of 00 (PDF)

Issue 21 1st Quarter of 01 (PDF)
Issue 22 2nd Quarter of 01 (PDF)
Issue 23 3rd Quarter of 01 (PDF)
Issue 24 4th Quarter of 01 (PDF)

Issue 25 1st Quarter of 02 (PDF)
Issue 26 2nd Quarter of 02 (PDF)
Issue 27 3rd Quarter of 02 (PDF)
Issue 28 4th Quarter of 02 (PDF)

Issue 29 1st Quarter of 03 (PDF)
Issue 30 2nd Quarter of 03 (PDF)
Issue 31 3rd Quarter of 03 (PDF)
Issue 32 4th Quarter of 03 (PDF)

Issue 33 1st Quarter of 04 (PDF)
Issue 34 2nd Quarter of 04 (PDF)
Issue 35 3rd Quarter of 04 (PDF)
Issue 36 4th Quarter of 04 (PDF)

Issue 37 1st Quarter of 05 (PDF)
Issue 38 2nd Quarter of 05 (PDF)
Issue 39 3rd Quarter of 05 (PDF)
Issue 40 4th Quarter of 05 (PDF)

Issue 41 1st Quarter of 06 (PDF)
Issue 42 2nd Quarter of 06 (PDF)
Issue 43 3rd Quarter of 06 (PDF)
Issue 44 4th Quarter of 06 (PDF)

Issue 45 1st Quarter of 07 (PDF)
Issue 46 2nd Quarter of 07 (PDF)
Issue 47 3rd Quarter of 07 (PDF)
Issue 48 4th Quarter of 07 (PDF)

Issue 49 1st Quarter of 08 (PDF)
Issue 50 2nd Quarter of 08 (PDF)
Issue 51 3rd Quarter of 08 (PDF)
Issue 52 4th Quarter of 08 (PDF)

Issue 53 1st Quarter of 09 (PDF)
Issue 54 2nd Quarter of 09 (PDF)
Issue 55 3rd Quarter of 09 (PDF)
Issue 56 4th Quarter of 09 (PDF)

Issue 57 1st Quarter of 10 (PDF)
Issue 58 2nd Quarter of 10 (PDF)
Issue 59 3rd Quarter of 10 (PDF)
Issue 60 4th Quarter of 10 (PDF)

Issue 61 1st Quarter of 11 (PDF)
Issue 62 2nd Quarter of 11 (PDF)
Issue 63 3rd Quarter of 11 (PDF)
Issue 64 4th Quarter of 11 (PDF)
Issue 64 Insert 4th Quarter of 11 (PDF)

Issue 65 1st Quarter of 12 (PDF)
Issue 66 2nd Quarter of 12 (PDF)
Issue 67 3rd Quarter of 12 (PDF)
Issue 68 4th Quarter of 12 (PDF)

Issue 69 1st Quarter of 13 Prewar (PDF)
Issue 70 2nd Quarter of 13 War (PDF)
Issue 71 3rd Quarter of 13 Post War (PDF)
Issue 72 4th Quarter of 13 Post Rockwell (PDF)