I’m John H. Painter, PhD and W5LQS, of College Station

I’ve been a ham since 1952, with the calls of W9VKE, W5LQS, W7CEQ, and W4RIJ. I worked Aero Mobile over the States and the Atlantic, as far south as Brazil, when I was in the Air Force, from 1954 thru 1958. From 1958 til 1961, as a EE student, I was a radio technician, working on radios in the Radio Direction Finding Lab at the University of Illinois. When I went to NASA-Houston in 1962, I taught radio to the second and third astronaut classes, some of whom walked on the Moon. From 1974 until 2006 I taught Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Aerospace Engineering, as a Professor at Texas A&M. During that time, I also worked as a consultant for Arthur Collins, after he left the radio company in Dallas. I retired in 1999. I have a collection of KWM2-As, a 75S-1 (both in the photos), a 32S-1 (unrestored), a 30L-1, and a lot of other Collins hardware, including two USAF Collins spare parts kits for the KWM2-A and 30L-1. As shown in the pics, my shack included a work bench, on which I was happiest, working on the radios.

73s from John P.