The CCA Friday Night West Coast Net meets every Friday evening at 2000 local time on 3895 kHz +/- QRM. Due to propagation, this is a predominantly west coast net, however all check-ins are welcome.
The format is very casual and it is what might be called a “Rag Chew” net – run in a Round Table format. Information about the net, the net manager and the net controls is shown below.
Many of the participants are also using a free on-line video chat room capability during the net. This allows us see other stations in operation and share video of our collection and the operator.
The West Coast Net members are currently helping to plan the very first official CCA annual event for the west coast. You should watch the CCA Event Calendar available on the home page for news of this, and other, west coast events.

Net Details: The prenet starts about one half hour before the scheduled net time. It is an open frequency during this prenet, but the net manager may take a list and bring some order to the prenet check-ins when required. The identity of the prenet host and the NCOs for the evening will be posted ahead of time on the CCA reflector along with any relevant “Net News” for the evening.

The ordered net will commence at 2000 local time (PST or PDT – whichever is in effect). A list will be taken by the Net Control(s) and then the round table will begin. Additional entries to the round table will be requested after every run around the “table”.

Video Chat Link In Use: Members of this net are currently using TinyChat, a chat room that facilitates real time video streaming and a “back door” chat capability while participating in the CCA West Coast SSB Net. Up to 10 users can be in the chat room at one time. If you try this feature of our net experience, please use the “Push to Talk” feature of TinyChat so that the background noise does not overwhelm us.To join TinyChat:

  1. Go to
  2. Then, Scroll down to cancel the advertisement
  3. Join the chat room using “Guest”
  4. Type your call sign and click on “Go” (No caps or spaces allowed)
  5. You will now be able  to see and hear other CCAwest hams that are also logged-in and be able to text or chat with them
  6. To broadcast video and PTT audio: click on “Broadcast” and follow the screen prompts (be sure to use the “Push-to-talk” audio)

For more information, go to  or contact:

Werner VavkenWB6RAW, for additional information on this feature.
16200 Old Japanese Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95030


Net Manager: The Net Manager is currently Werner Vavken, WB6RAW. Questions or comments regarding the net should be directed to Werner.

Werner Vavken, WB6RAW
16200 Old Japanese Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95030

Net Controls: The following CCA members are available for Net Control duty on this net at the present time. Their information is listed here for your convenience.

Tapio Jaakola                     Tapio, KF7TY
ELLENSBURG, WA 98926-7100

The main antenna here at the QTH is a KLM KT-34A four element 10-15-20 meter tri-band yagi at 55 feet. Above that is a Cushcraft 3 element 6 meter yagi at 65 feet. Wire antennas consist of full size 80 and 160 meter inverted Vs with a common feed point at the apex at the top of the tower. There is also an inverted L antenna for 160 meters, and also a Butternut ground mounted vertical. A homebrew K9AY receive antenna is incorporated here at the station for the low bands. The main transceiver for DX work and contesting is a Icom 765 driving a Icom 2KL 500 watt amplifier to a 3 KW transmatch feeding the antennas. A beautiful Collins KWM-2A/312B-5 and dual 30L-1 line-up is used for rag chewing and CCA net operations along with some nice Drake and Johnson gear. See you on the Friday Night Net guys!


Dennis, W6DQ

Max, KJ6HN
(Photo Requested)

Wayne J. Heil                          Wayne, KB6OQJ

My name is Wayne Heil and I live in Santa Ynez, CA.  I am a real-time embedded systems engineer by trade. When I was 13, a friend of my Dad let me talk on the air using his station.  I don’t remember what the transmitter was but the receiver was a Collins 75A-4.  Since then my goal has been to get one.  Decades later I have it!

My Collins rigs now include the Gold Dust twins (KWS-1, 75A-4), a nice KWM-2 with a 312B-5, and also an S-line which consists of a 32S-3, 75S-3C and a 312B-4.

I have also taken to AM with a 32V-2 and 75A-1 setup. The antennas here are a KLM KT-34 4 element tri-bander up 55 ft, an inverted-vee CCD antenna for 40 / 80, and an inverted-vee for 160.

I am enjoying being one of your NCOs. We have a great group of hams who check into the Friday night West Coast Collins net so please drop by and check-in…. or even just listen along.
de Wayne, KB6OQJ